Saturday, 22 October 2011

Grahf Guest Stars on Top Tier Tactics

Holy crap, a post on the weekend? The world must be coming to an end! You can relax, I don't plan on making weekend posting a habit (updating five days a week is sometimes hard enough), but I thought it would be the least I could do do say that I've got a couple of guest articles on Top Tier Tactics.

The first article you might recognize as my rant on regenerating health, but the second one, just released today is a TTT exclusive, the second entry in the Grahf Dissects series talking about limited vs. unlimited arsenals.

Both are worth a read (says the guy that wrote them), and I hope that you find them informative. You can also look forward to me ranting more about Uncharted in the week ahead, as well as gamer movements and perhaps a Grahf Dissects about another feature of gaming that affects us all these days. But nothing is set in stone. See you all next week!

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