Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sony Says "Want Multiplayer? There's (a Mandatory) Code for that!"

If you buy your Playstation 3 games used you'd better get used to awkward passcode inputs and shelling out ten bucks every single time you want to access to multiplayer functionality for a game.

Dear Sony: why? Why do you make these decisions that make it so easy for gamers to loathe you? I own a PS3 for shit's sake. I've been on board with the consoles you've been putting down ever since my Nintendo 64 crapped out and I decided that I wanted to play Chrono Cross and any instalment of Final Fantasy after six. But with everything that's been happening lately, what with the EULA fiasco, and now this? You're making it hard to actually stand you, let alone want to defend you.

For those that aren't aware yet: Sony has basically announced that pretty much every single game that has a multiplayer element that gets released on the PS3 past a certain point (read: the very near future and even the past if we could get away with it) will come for the PSN Pass, a string of code that the person playing the game will have to input in order to even get access to the multiplayer portion of the content.

Basically, if you buy the game new, then you're just inconvenienced because you have to input what is doubtlessly a long string of utter jibberish with a mix of letters characters and capitalization in order to play online. If you buy the game used however, things change a little. That PSN Pass is good for one shot and one shot only, so even if the person you bought the game from kept it for some reason, if they used it to unlock the content on their console, then that code is worthless to you. Nope, if you want to play multiplayer then you'll have to shell out an extra $10 on whatever you've already paid in order to get a brand new pass, then go through the same pain in the ass registration that the original owner went through.

So, this isn't just for Sony exclusive titles either from the looks of it. Like I mentioned earlier and as the links allude to, this is going to be happening for every single game that has a multiplayer aspect that gets released on the PS3. I've already talked about the over reaction that companies and developers have to the used game market, but this is one of the first tangible steps they've taken in pretty much literally saying "Fuck You" to used gamers on the whole. Everyone, new or used buyer, gets inconvenienced; used gamers have to spend money that they probably were trying to save buying used in order to get at content that is already on the disc, and time will tell but it's entirely probable that Microsoft and Nintendo will end up implementing the exact same systems as well if Sony meets with any degree of success.

It's really just a sad mess, and the first step that I believe will be one of many that the industry is going to take to try and crackdown on used gaming. We can only hold our breath and see what the next shit show is going to be.


  1. *Mandatory. ;)

    Also, I agree it's a sad mess, and one companies like Sony are taking total advantage of. The irony is while they'll claim it's to stop piracy and lost money through used game sales, it will likely only spur more of the same.

    Devil's advocate time: there's legitimacy to the idea that used game sales and piracy helped create this mess in the first place.

  2. Hasn't this been happening? Like my copy of the new Mortal Kombat had a code to play online and that came out in April. The new Batman is taking another step in this direction though with the Catwoman missions(part of the single player BTW).


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