Monday, 16 January 2012

An Apology to My Readers

To be blunt I need to say that I was too quick to cover the THQ story, and as such reported rumours -- most notably the decision that they were cutting their 2014 games -- as things that were true or at the very least heavily implied to be as such.

I know that "journalism" that covers the endless rumour mill as if it were the gospel truth really pisses me off; so why should I do the same to you guys? The short answer is that I shouldn't, and I can guarantee you if I have anything to say about it that in the future I won't.

I will be sure to ensure in the future that when I do cover news, that it is actually such, or at the very least clearly define something as a rumour if there is no information to substantiate it.

Again, sorry if any of you guys felt mislead over anything that I wrote or commented upon earlier today. It was not my intention to lead anyone astray, nor will it ever be.

Thanks for your time.

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