Friday, 24 February 2012

I'm Not Dead ... Also Killing Floor Guides

Sorry for the general lack of updates folks, it's been a strange week and there was more to do than I previously anticipated. Things will be back to normal next week though so please don't worry on that front.

Also, you've probably seen me mention Killing Floor at least a couple of times in some of my posts, and recently I actually put together a few guides for Top Tier Tactics that outline some of the basics for people just starting the game. If you're interested in learning some of what Killing Floor is all about please check them out:

Part 1: Outlining the Basics
Part 2: How to Deal with Most Specimens
Part 3: Perk Guide

Next week I'll most likely be talking at length about some of the aspects of what happened with Jennifer Hepler. There might also be some very brief talk about the PS Vita, since I got to fool around with one for a little while in the past week or so.

So yeah, next week we're back in business.

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