Friday, 27 April 2012

Post 200 - Introspection Time

I are insightful...

It's been another one hundred posts already,so it's time to consider where I've been and where I'm going.

I think that I've perhaps become a bit too comfortable with the current set-up. My original content has dropped to nearly nothing. Certainly I'm conveying my own feelings about things that are going on, but I've been more reactionary than proactive. I'm hoping to start interjecting my own original ramblings on things back into the blog little my little so that they encompass at least two postings a week. There's concepts that I dropped that really didn't deserve to be, such as "looking at genre" and "Grahf dissects X" that I'm sure at least have enough millage to get me through to the next one hundred.

I still want to do more reviews, but I'm finding myself in the same situation that mostly prevented me from engaging in them the first time: geography and technology combine for a double kick to my balls in terms of what I can get and what I can actually play. I'm hoping to address at least one, if not both of these concerns by the end of the year, but as always it will be a matter of time in order to see just what comes of any plans I lay.

Another thing that has become sort of obvious as that I'm not sure, but I have a growing suspicion that I'm what most people would consider a lapsed gamer. That is to say that while I still play games, but that I'm not really playing a lot of them. I have some games that I also really should be playing, like Fallout 3, Infamous, Prototype (yeah, the first one) and others. I think I need to start trying to get back in the habit of looking at games like a hobby, rather than a chore.

Of course, regarding the content of this blog, I could be wrong. That's why I'm asking for some feedback if people wouldn't mind giving it. What direction to you people think Grahf Games should take? Do you think I should stay the course, or would you like to see more original content? If there's any suggestions for stuff you'd like to see me tackle then.

Now, I know I've painted a somewhat bleak picture on some fronts, but trust me when I say that in my mind that's the furthest from the case. I'm proud of the progress I've made, even if it has been small steps. My readership is at about fifty people per weekday now, and I've also branched out somewhat into Bitmob. I hope to take what I view as some of the best posts from this blog and retool them for posting on that site as well (so if you have any suggestions as for articles you'd like to see revisited please let me know). Please rest assured as well that while I may post new content on Bitmob, you'll also always be able to find it here, perhaps a day or two later in some cases, but you'll always find what I have to say on this blog.

More than ever before, I think that I can do this, that I can make this dream that honestly seemed far-fetched not even one year ago into an eventual reality. It may take some time, but I'll make it, someday.

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  1. Perhaps that would be a good preface to a week series. An article on lapsed gamers, what that means to the individual and what that means to the industry.

    Otherwise, something you could do in terms of reviews/original content is, if your PS3 is connected to the interwebtubes you can download demos, maybe one a week to start out, and post first impressions on that. And don't just do things that you are interested in, but try a little bit of everything out there in the supersaturated land o' games just to vary stuff between "this demo was awesome and pretty cool" or "not as great as expected".

    Just a couple of thoughts.


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