Monday, 23 April 2012

Shadowrun Kickstarter Update

The best of both worlds.

Last week I told you all about how the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter was nearing the 1.5 million dollar mark, a milestone that developer Harebrained Schemes was planning to celebrate by giving backers exclusive in-game content that would help connect this game to the previous Shadowrun game that debuted on the SNES way back when.

The reaction was not quite as expected, but it was awesome. Backers spoke up saying what amounts to "put in more content, that's great, but if you do make sure that everyone -- backer or not -- has a chance to partake in it". The response highlighted the best parts of both developers that actually listen and care about the company and are enthusiastic about the games they work on, and fans who want content to be distributed to everyone so that everyone can enjoy the full experience.

Well, I'm pleased to report that there's been a resolution to this, and it's one that I believe works out quite well. As explained on the Kickstarter page for the project, the content will be exclusive to backers for a set amount of time, after which everyone will get access to it. This means that being a backer gets you in the door to those missions early, but that people who didn't have a chance to jump in this project will still be able to partake in the missions as well after a (presumably small) grace period after the game is released.

I believe that the comment from Harebrained Schemes really say it best:

"Everybody plays. Everybody wins. Everybody calls DocWagon."

In a time when a lot of relationships between gamers and the industry that provides their entertainment are strained to say the least something like this just helps make us feel a little less jaded, even if that feeling doesn't last. I'd love to see more happy endings like this one, because right now I feel that the game industry and we who turn to it for our enjoyment really need stories like this to help mend some of the damage done. Who knows, maybe we'll be hearing more stuff like this in the future, one can only hope.

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