Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Shadowrun Kickstarters to Dev - If you make content, make it accessible to all

It would warm the cockles of my heart ... if I knew where those were.

You know, sometimes amongst all the crappiness from devs and gamers alike, it does me some good to see a story like this. As you may or may not be aware there's a Kickstarter project that hopes to create a new Shadowrun video game. The funding has been greatly successful thus far, raising over one million dollars while the initial goal was only four hundred thousand.

As the project crested the million dollar mark, developer Harebrained Schemes made a promise that if the funding reaches one and a half million -- something that seems likely to happen -- that they'll create some backer exclusive missions as a thank you. It's a nice gesture on behalf of the company towards the players that made the return of the franchise to video gaming possible.

But, it appears that it's not what the backers themselves would like.

While people who have already backed the project are extremely appreciative of the offer, it would seem that the majority of those commenting would like to see the missions added, but also made available for everyone who buys the game, regardless of whether or not they were an initial Kickstarter backer or not. Here's some of the recent comments to the update that announced the potential for exclusive content:

"Also, as far as offering backer only content. I think in theory that it sounds like a nice idea, but, as a backer, I would almost prefer that everyone has access to it. My thinking on this is that, the better the game is all around, the more likely that people will be to fund the next project, whatever that may be. I would also prefer that the time you spend working on this content can be enjoyed by EVERYONE, and not just 23,000 of us wonderful people = ) Think Globally my friends."

"NOOOOOOOO! No exclusive stuff! That's the same as a DLC, the whole point of kickstarter is to avoid those marketing gimmicks! Do the mission, but include it in the game for everyone, all gamers deserve a great Shadowrun game!"

"I'll add my voice to the masses here. This game should be whole and complete for anyone cool enough to purchase it. Just because they couldn't commit the money right now to the creation of the project doesn't mean they don't deserve to have the amazing tie-in shadowrun when it goes live!"

The consensus of the majority is that if gameplay content is going to be released that it should be released to everyone that wants it, not just a select few (in comparison) that were lucky enough to be able to get in on the ground floor.

Really, both the initial offer and the reaction that it has spawned make me happy and actually do restore some of my faith in people. Harebrained Schemes is being generous enough to want to give something extra special to everyone who has gone above and beyond in helping this game get made, and they in turn are generous enough to say that if you want to give something, give it to everyone, not just us. I fully believe that seeing the reaction that Harebrained Schemes will listen and make the content available for everyone should the funding reach one and a half million. Still, if you enjoyed the original Shadowrun game then there might be no better time to help them out than now, every dollar gets them closer to that goal.

All in all though, I applaud everyone involved in this, sincerely. Keep up the good work guys.

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