Monday, 28 May 2012

We Now Interrupt This Game...

If you hear a noise do not be alarmed, it's merely the sound of my rage breaking.

Oh boy, this one is a doozy, and the only reason I'm really able to keep a level head about it is that it might be something that isn't happening (for the love of god please don't let it be happening). What is it that very nearly has me seeing red and a lot of other people already sharpening the pitchforks? Try this patent on for size. Sony filed for this little gem. Take a look at the description of the patent on the right hand side, which I'll also write here. To quote:

A method for use in advertising includes initiating playing of interactive content, suspending playing of the interactive content, displaying an advertisement, and resuming playing of the interactive content.

So, in layman's terms; if Sony decides to implement what they've patented here then prepare for your games to have commercial breaks.

Oh Sony. Your American CEO made such a good impression on me last week, then you have to go and pull this shit. And that's what it is, literally shit, like, from an ass. I can handle there being in-game advertising for real life things; I thought it was kind of cute seeing advertisements for recent movies while playing Prototype -- on an unrelated note I'm finally tackling my backlog -- but that's because I can choose to stop and look at the billboard, or I can just mosey on by. When you wrest control away from the player to introduce "X brand soda" or "Y flavour chips" though, what you're going to end up with isn't advertising revenue, it's going to be people asking to cash in the manufacturer's warranty after they 'accidentally' punched a hole clean through their PS4.

Like I said, the only reason that I'm not angrier about this (and believe me I'm plenty angry) is because as the article on Games Thirst that brought my attention to this patent points out that this seems to be a continuation patent of one filed in 2006, and that the patent may end up never being used.

I can honestly say without a shred of hesitation that I dearly hope that scenario is the case, because frankly if any one game company or development studio decides to implement that system I will never, ever spend another cent on their games again, and I would dearly hope that other people would follow suit. There's a ceiling to the amount of utter bullshit that I believe we can stomach from companies that already make millions if not billions of dollars, and with this I know that I've found mine.

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  1. There was a discussion in the Destructoid comments section about the same thing. Some people tried (and arguably managed) to bring up legitimate points. Here's a link if you haven't seen it.

    That aside, I'm not sure what to make of this besides head-scratching confusion. If it does come to pass, then I've already got a solution:

    Step 1: Buy only single-player games from now on.
    Step 2: Disconnect system from any given internet connection.
    Step 3: Play game.

    Or as a contingency, I could just go back to playing PS2 games.


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