Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Zone of the Enders News Abounds

Mech like an Egyptian.

When the name Hideo Kojima is brought up of course the first place that people go to is Metal Gear; the franchise has defined the man's career. It isn't the only one that he's worked on though, not by a long shot. And one of the franchises that hasn't received nearly as much attention but that still has a solid fanbase which I count myself as part of is the Zone of the Enders series.

I've been looking forward to the HD rerelease of ZOE 1&2 for quite some time now, but this past Friday brought news down the pipe that shouldn't have really been shocking, but really made my day anyways.

A Zone of the Enders sequel has been confirmed.

Fucking. Awesome.

Like a lot of folks I bought the original ZOE because of one of the incentives that was offered with it: a demo of Metar Gear Solid 2, I was interested in the game, but that demo was the clincher for me. So imagine my surprise when the original ZOE turned out to be a nice, fast paced free-space mech game where both jetting around and running-and-gunning were equally encouraged given the situation. The game was short, certainly, and the protagonist had a take him or leave him quality, but overall the game was impressive, and more importantly: it was fun.

The second instalment of the series was meatier although still on the short side, but it definitely provided some great fights and moments. Taking down battleships, settling the score with Anubis after two games of getting utterly wrecked by him. The game drew to a fine conclusion. But still, there were rumours that the series wasn't done yet.

There have been other games on other systems, notably I believe some for the Game Boy Advance. There have also been some animated spin-offs. The main series has been quiet until now though. There are questions of course, why is Jehuty back, what conflict will there be this time? It looks like there will be a new pilot as well, and maybe even a new Anubis.... There remains much to be seen, but I for one am definitely looking forward to it.

There is no set release date for ZOE3, but the HD collection of the original two games is set to come out on October 25th, which will be a good way to tide oneself over until then. I have little doubt that these are probably going to be among the most 'purdy' HD rereleases, since the original games were no graphical slouches themselves.

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