Wednesday, 13 June 2012

E3 Reflections Part 3 - Sony

Better? Maybe, but still not really good.

By now I think you're going to sense that I'm getting a little lazy (perhaps because in regards to this I am) but I felt about Sony's press conference mostly the same way I felt about Microsoft's, only less. In this case less is probably a good thing, because considering that I was pretty apathetic towards the affair this means that I actually managed to slightly give a damn about this one. Damned by faint praise I guess.

If Halo and Gears of War were the top showings from Microsoft, then I'd have to say that The Last of Us and God of War were probably the big guns from Sony. There were a lot of solid looking games coming out of the press conference and that does please me a little, but any sort of joy is heavily tempered against past experience.

Let's face it, I think that out of the big three that Sony has the biggest and most astounding tendency to overhype the everloving shit out of everything forever. I was weary of such things even before they expected everyone to swallow the PS3 Kool-Aid, even though I was a launch day adopter. I knew that things were being overhyped, I just didn't really suspect to what extent, and that it would cost Sony so badly.

I think they have learned from their rather humiliating showing that they've somehow managed to slog through in terms of this console generation, but still, at an event like this you cannot help but bullshit a little. Like I said above, some of the games that Sony are bringing to the table here look amazing. The key word in that sentence is look, looking amazing and ending up being amazing are two entirely different things.

I'll be keeping an eye on quite a few titles, but right now as much as I hate to admit it I'm more excited about maybe picking up a copy of Lolipop Chainsaw than I am at just about anything I saw at E3.

Time makes fools of us all.

So, yeah, this was sort of depressing. Rest assured that I've got some actual stuff to talk about for the rest of the week. In fact I probably have enough interesting news to last for a little while. Some of it is still depressing, but not in the same apathy inducing way as this was. Huzzah for higher standards!

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  1. Just read about "The Last of Us" on this Wikipedias and this little tidbit kind of pissed me off:

    "It has been confirmed by Naughty Dog that the player will take control of Joel, while Ellie will be controlled by the AI."

    Are we still at an age where we can't hotswap controls between characters for puzzles or even personal choice/playstyle? Maybe Joel can't do things that Ellie can, like get into little crevasses and tunnels and whatnot, whereas Joel is more close-range combat oriented and Ellie is long-range. And these are just ideas I got from looking at the characters themselves.

    It looks like an interesting premise, but little stuff like that, and the sheer laziness of the execution, is really disappointing.


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