Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Game Genie Returns

First VHS this week, now this ... fuck, I feel old.

Cheat codes in games are nothing new, from in game Easter Eggs left for player enjoyment to modding and of course the darker cases of hacking and exploiting, it's all been around since damn near the beginning. For those that lived through the era of the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis though there was one name that was pretty much synonymous with things like infinite lives, unlimited ammo, and invincibility in games where none could normally be found: the Game Genie.

Inputting those codes which could give you powers or also just generally fuck up the game was always good fun, and after the Game Genie ran its course there was its sort of spiritual successor with the Game Shark, but for the last good long while there hasn't really been anything in terms of a service like this offered. At least none that was really widely publicized.

Until recently of course.

I was pretty much as stunned as anyone could be when I heard that Game Genie would be returning to consoles, specifically the PS3 and Wii at the moment, but who knows what for the future. This time around it doesn't seem like the Game Genie is going to be so much as a code editor as it was in the past, but rather something that might serve to unlock items that normally would be behind barriers, such as time investment or achievements. Not only that but this will allow for save swapping and backing up your saves to other places as well.

It all sounds good, in theory.

Of course, the original Game Genie, and indeed even the Game Shark, were products that had purchase in times before things like achievements and concerns about prevalent online hacking were something that console gamers could even think about. With the capabilities to get any saves you want, what's there to stop people from simply filling their trophy shelves? I would argue that it's pointless anyways, but as I've said before there are people that take this stuff way too seriously -- I can understand some of that myself, honestly, but that's for another time perhaps -- and the accusations of taking a quick-fix or even worse, gaining an unfair advantage online is something that is taken none too lightly.

I'm interested to see how, or even if, this is going to develop. Perhaps such fears are overstated, considering that the Game Genie might have somewhat of a niche market to say the least. If there are any developments regarding this though, I'll be sure to share what I come across.

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