Monday, 4 June 2012

Halo 4 Footage Leaked, via VHS?

Wait, VHS tapes are still a thing that exists?

You know, I've come to accept that our industry and culture is a little strange sometimes, but things like this give even the most jaded members of the community momentary pause. The footage appeared about a week ago, and although the original was taken down this is of course the Internet so roughly one billion copies have been made and uploaded as well, this being one of them. The quality is going to leave something to be desired (massive understatement alert), but at least the blaring metal music from the original has been stripped from this version:

What's being seen here certainly seems to be Halo at least, and people that have played all the games are stating that the footage doesn't seem to be from anything they can easily relate to. The multiplayer footage shown certainly seems a lot more fast paced than anything previously seen on a lot of fronts.

The strange thing here of course is that this footage is pretty much what equates to a shitty camrip of a movie. Some speculation is abound to whether this might be the start of another ARG, given that the original also linked to a Twitter that seems to prominently feature a stoner. Given that the original has been taken down though it seems somewhat likely that this was a friend of someone who had access to a closed test and somehow managed to record it.

I'm left wondering if Microsoft will somehow try to play this to their advantage, since it seems that the footage is legitimate. Now that the cat is out of the bag though it can't really be put back in. If nothing else though this has made the interest for the next instalment of the flagship series even more heated in lieu of a more official informative release.

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