Friday, 1 June 2012

The Latest Humble Bundle is Pretty Amazing

A short post on a big deal.

If you've been PC gaming for any amount of time you've probably heard of the Humble Bundle. It's a site that gets together games and then offers them for purchase ... and you name your price. The money raised is split between developers, charities that change with each bundle, and the people that run the site. You can choose how much to donate, from a measly penny to any amount you can fathom. The incentive is that there's a game that you'll only generally get if you donate over the average amount. The fifth bundle just went up yesterday and the line-up is, in my opinion at least, incredibly impressive.

The four base games in the bundle include Tim Schafer's Psychonauts, the legitimately frightening horror game Amnesia: the Dark Descent, LIMBO which has received numerous accolades, and finally Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP whose impressive soundtrack and decidedly retro art style earned it a lot of praise last year. All of these games and their soundtracks are available for any amount you wish to give, the incentive to meet or beat the current average of $7.50 is the inclusion of Bastion which is yet another title that earned a lot of praise last year for the way it approached it's story.

All of these games would be worth at least the $7.50 minimum, hell, Psychonauts originally launched for full price on the consoles, although admittedly that was a while ago. Having played Psychonauts I can tell you that game alone is worth the price of admission, so if you've been curious about any of these titles there's probably not a better time than now to drop some money and not only get some good gaming, but help some fine causes as well.

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  1. Limbo? Get on this one, that is a great game.


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