Friday, 8 June 2012

A Lingering Question

Turning the attention to the elephant in the room.

If you've been reading this week, or indeed in the weeks preceding, you might have been slightly curious as to my stance on something, or rather my lack of a stance or even a peep of recognition. I'm talking about E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo. If -- for some mind-boggling reason -- you've never heard of E3 before it's all rather simple: it's generally the biggest show of the year when the big three (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) show off what they have planned for the next couple of months, likewise with the bigger developers and publishers.

So, why haven't I said anything about it? Well, the reason is two fold; the first and perhaps most obvious reason is that this event already has itself being covered from just about every possible angle. It's impossible to go on gaming news sites right now and not hear about E3 from people who are actually there and thus will have information one-hundred fold more pertinent than anything I could give you on a weekday update schedule. I will have some commentary next week after I've gathered my thoughts and honed in on what I think has been interesting about the show. Unfortunately that leads to the second reason.

To be blunt: I find myself unable to give a shit about it.

I've been watching the coverage live on G4, I've been reading the constantly updating websites, and what I see for the most part is stuff that I just generally can't bring myself to care about. Oh sure there are some games that look like incredible concepts; three titles off the top of my head are Last of Us, Watch Dogs, and Beyond: Two Souls. These individual games and many more look great, but that doesn't really change the fact that there really didn't seem to be much actually going on.

Microsoft told us a little more about Halo and Gears of War, which isn't surprising. They've actually been accused of pretty much phoning it in this year. Sony had some interesting if predictable stuff regarding their upcoming line-up and the Vita. Nintendo of course would like to remind you that the Wii U is a thing that you should be getting the second it comes out. But none of this was a blindside, none of it was breaking any real ground in terms of, well, anything.

It would probably be different if I were there, but that I'm guessing is sort of something that should go without saying. I don't know if we're honestly spoiled these days via such instant access to new developments, but maybe it sort of takes the shine out of the bigger events like E3. It's still my dream to walk into E3 one day as someone sent there to cover the event for a website or magazine, but this year it just seemed lacklustre.

Been a strange week, I guess. Here's hoping the next one's better.

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  1. The fact that Scribblenauts Unlimited was announced automatically makes this E3 a success...albeit by a hair-thin margin.

    Well, look on the bright side, Grahf -- there's always the Tokyo Game Show, right?


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