Friday, 21 September 2012

BioWare's Founders Resign

Two men hitting the old, dusty trail.

To round out this week there's some interesting news coming from BioWare, namely that the company founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have resigned. This seems to be somewhat of a trend considering that other companies, notably Zynga, have seen higher level employees shoving off for the better part of the last few weeks. Given that BioWare is an EA owned company I can't help but wonder if this is at least partially related to the lawsuits that are currently ongoing between the two companies.

Both men were quite instrumental in producing many of the titles and series that made BioWare one of the it companies for the so-called Western RPGs. Without them at the helm it is incredibly hard to say where the company is going to be heading at this point. Some would no doubt argue that BioWare may have already been slipping down a slope content-wise, but losing two of the biggest names in-house can probably only be described as a devastating blow regardless of how you think the company has been doing as of late.

It would appear that both men are done with gaming, at least for the moment. The information states that:

"It looks as if for now, the docs are splitting up.

"Muzyka says he will be investing in and mentoring new entrepreneurs who are looking to impact sustainable social change.

"'For me, getting involved in social impact investment stems from the simple hope of helping the world to be a better place,' he writes.

"As for Zeschuk, he's following his passion too, though one that's a little more grounded: his love of beer.

"'The main project I will be working on is a web-based interview show called The Beer Diaries where I interview notable brewers and showcase their beers,' he writes. 'If things go well, I’ll work on other beer-related shows, apps and projects" 

Whether you enjoyed their games or hated them, it's hard to deny that these two had an impact. I can't help but think that the industry is more than a little worse off now for having lost them. I hope that they do come back, even in more modest projects, because I think they've done a lot more good than harm.

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