Friday, 12 October 2012

Capcom: The RE6 On-Disc DLC is Free

Well, at least that's one thing they did right, or didn't fuck up gigantically.

Although I didn't really intend to be doing yet another Resident Evil 6 post to end the week, developments today made this worth mentioning. Yesterday I mentioned in passing that hackers had found locked content on the disc of 6, which seemed to indicate that there was on-disc DLC present. It looked to be another case of Street Fighter X Tekken looming. People were gearing up to get good and pissed, and since this was the Internet after all, the gearing up was mighty quick.

Perhaps that's why the response from Capcom has been equally swift, and somewhat surprising:

"Now, the clarification: some data of this update is on the disc, but said data is incomplete and requires the actual download to access. But again, free. Mercenaries costumes are unlocks. Simply register for the site and start earning RE points for those goodies.

"Future paid DLC - like the multiplayer modes we revealed a while ago - is not on the disc. We said as much a month ago, but that point may have been lost in the shuffle.

"The tl;dr version is - RE6 on-disc DLC is free, paid DLC is not on the disc."

Now of course there's the issue of whether what's being said is 100% verifiable. That aside though I think that this is at least something that Capcom is doing to try and illicit a little goodwill towards them after all that's happened. I will admit that the more cynical part of me wonders if this was a case of them being caught red-handed and then backpedalling by saying that it was always meant to be free. At any rate though I suppose that either way what's done is done now and I doubt they're going to change their minds and risk an absolute shitstorm from the angry gaming public coming down on their heads.

Now, whether or not this DLC is actually any good is still something that is yet to be revealed. The DLC apparently consists of a new higher level of difficulty, and the option for co-op in Aida's campaign. In and of themselves it's really nothing to write home about which is why I can almost believe that they were always intended to be free. Paying anything for a higher difficulty level and co-op for one particular part of the game that didn't have it before would probably get some strange and dirty looks from people regardless of how much you tried to sell it for.

My thoughts on Resident Evil 6 on the whole really haven't changed, but I guess it's nice to see that there's at least a tiny speck of good alongside all the bad, regardless of how tiny that speck actually is.

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