Friday, 30 November 2012

Another Humble Bundle, and this Time from THQ

Pretty self-explanatory, actually.

On the heels of the somewhat unorthodox Amnesia Fortnight which featured the prototypes from the Double Fine team comes a more traditional Humble Bundle. This time they're teaming up with THQ to bring a group of mainstream titles to the masses for pennies on the dollar. The Humble THQ Bundle features Darksiders, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes and its DLC, Red Faction: Armageddon, and those that beat the average -- which is currently a little under six dollars -- also get Saints Row the Third.

This is certainly a good deal, however I can't help but feel that a lot of people probably own at least one part of this bundle one way or the other. Of course any copies of games already owned can be given to others, thanks to the Steam key. The offering of the DLC in particular seems an odd choice to me. This isn't saying that Company of Heroes is a bad game, I haven't played it so I can't judge. Still, I think that it might be a first for the Humble Bundle itself to offer such a thing.

THQ is also by far the biggest name to associate itself with the Humble Bundle so far, or at least the most mainstream. Certainly Mojang is a growing and recognizable company, but THQ is a triple A publisher, and the games being offered here have all enjoyed mainstream success.

I really can't help but wonder how calculated this move is on the part of THQ. They've certainly been no strangers to the troubles of the somewhat floundering game sales in some sectors. In fact they've been in danger of going under. They stand to make a decent amount from this bundle, but there was no guarantee of that fact, given that people can choose where the money they donate goes to, as well as the amount they donate in the first place.

This bundle will certainly help get some of THQ's games out there though, perhaps spur some interest in the Darksiders property again since the sequel didn't fare as well as the company had expected it too.

Perhaps it's just the cynic in me that's talking. In spite of my misgivings this is still a very solid collection of games. It's just not one that I think I'll personally be getting. Somehow though I think that I'm going to end up in the minority on this one. For some reason though, I just can't bring myself to be as interested in this one as I was for the others.

Oh, one last thing. The page itself mentions this, but this bundle does require does require Windows and Steam to actually access the games as well. I believe that's also a first, all things considered. There is a reason of course, but that alone might turn some people off.

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