Friday, 23 November 2012

Don't Forget: Amnesia Fortnight is Happening


To round out this week I thought that I should draw a little attention to the latest Humble Bundle. It's not really a regular one though, because this time you're not paying for full games, you're paying for prototypes. I know that it doesn't sound all that great, but it might be a little better when you realize just where the prototypes are coming from: Double Fine Productions.

Amnesia Fortnight has for the past couple of years been a tradition at Double Fine Productions where they take a two week break from their current project and split into smaller groups to create game prototypes. It gives them a break and lets them do something fun. What marks the difference this year though is that people can donate through the Humble Bundle.

What does this do? Well, everyone who donates gets to vote on the prototypes, the top four of which will then be packaged as part of the bundle to everyone that donated, along with some of the best prototypes from previous years. At the moment you only (as per usual) need a dollar to buy in, and you only need to beat $6.83 to get the extra unlockable at this point.

Really, all I can say is that each of the prototypes has a pitch, and of course the people behind it do a better job of it than I really could. It's entirely possible that some of these games might eventually even be fleshed out into full games for production on the market.

It's a unique opportunity to give something to charity and gain some insight into one of the more robust studios and how they handle game making. For a dollar, what have you got to lose?

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