Friday, 9 November 2012

Duels 2013 Deck Pack 1 Released

Two more guilds enter the fray, but is it worth your time to buy it?

I'm honestly not sure whether to call this a review or not. I will admit that it's for the latest addition to Duels 13, Deck Pack 1. Unlike the last DLC which was a more full fledged expansion that let you play against the decks in different campaigns and also added some new challenge matches, this DLC only adds the two decks to your roster, letting you play them, but not play against them; at least not against a computer opponent.

The deck pack, which like any DLC requires the base game to run, includes two new decks and retails for 2.99 USD. The two decks, which you can see in full here, are for the Boros and Simic guilds, which represent Red/White and Blue/Green respectively. March to War is a rather standard looking weenie stomp deck with some combat tricks, and Sky and Scale is a somewhat odd deck. The point seems centred around card drawing and pumping a lot of early creatures which get stronger, and then ramping into larger threats if necessary.

I bought the pack yesterday, but to be completely honest I was expecting something a little more fleshed out. I'm not regretting my purchase, but I do think that the first expansion was a better deal and a more obvious must buy for any fan of the game.

Really, the one legitimate measure that I can trot out is this: if you own the game, take a look at the decklists. If the first thought that popped into your mind was "Oh man, I can't wait to take these decks out for a spin and wreck people online," then you would probably be safe buying this DLC. If that wasn't your first thought, or anywhere near it, then you could probably stand to wait for a sale.

As for me, I wish that there would have been more integration, and I'm left hoping that there will be some promo unlocks for these decks in the future (something which is also lacking at the moment). Still, I think I'll enjoy tweaking both of the decks and using them online. Sky and Scale in particular seems like it will be a curious deck to mess around with and play against.

Anyways, with this week at an end, a notice for the next. Updating might be somewhat sporadic. Hopefully it won't be, but I make no guarantees.

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