Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reddit to EA Maxis "No DRM in SimCity 5"

AMA, DRM, other three letter things too, I suppose.

I can't really say that I spend a whole lot of time on Reddit (no, seriously, I actually mean that statement) but there are hundreds of thousands of people that do each day, and many of them are gamers. The games section of Reddit, whether it just be the memes or the more serious gaming news, is often frequented by a lot of people so of course when a company like EA announces that they are doing an AMA (short for Ask Me Anything) it didn't really come as a shock that a hell of a lot of people showed up with questions.

Of course, it really didn't come as a shock (although the EA Maxis devs might have been taken off guard) when the major focal point of conversation in the AMA came down to the use of DRM in the upcoming SimCity 5. The discussion itself still has the DRM related comments as the top ones, and it seems to be the main point of the conversation.

On the one hand, I suppose that it's a little disappointing to see the devs take some time out to answer some questions, only to be hammered over something that they probably have little to no control over. On the other, if this isn't definitive proof that people don't want DRM in their single-player offline games then I don't really know what would be.

Kip Katsarelis, the Senior Producer of the project said probably all that could be said:

"'I actually just ran over to our online engineering team to get the latest info. We do handle 'short' internet outages gracefully. Meaning, if your internet goes out while you're logged in and playing the game, we can recover gracefully. You shouldn't notice a thing. 'Short' is still being defined.'"

Still, I very much doubt that answer is going to sit well with anyone. Not that I really need to doubt at all. Multiple people on the thread have stated that they won't be buying the game because of the DRM, and a smaller contingent have openly talked of pirating a copy once someone manages to get around the DRM so that the game can be played with no need of constant Internet connection.

Now, saying is easy and doing is hard, and we have no way of knowing who will or won't buy this game. Honestly though, I wish that the dev team would take this whole thing and show it to whoever would listen in EA, and then force it down the throats of whoever specifically doesn't want to listen. That's probably just wishful thinking though, and even if it did happen I have the sinking feeling that it wouldn't server to change anything anyways.

How depressing.

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  1. Well from what I read you have missed the follow on comment.....

    'Short' has now been defined as 3 minutes.

    'I was' going to be buying 2 copies so I could play this with my misses... however I have now define 'was' as 'I'm no longer'


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