Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Street Fighter X MegaMan

This is a thing that's happening ... and it looks fucking awesome.

To the fans of the Blue Bomber it wasn't shaping up to be a very satisfying 25th anniversary of the Mega Man franchise. Capcom seemed to be doing their best to ignore or otherwise marginalize the onetime flagship character of their company. The underwhelming Rockman Xover seemed to be the only thing coming down the pipe.

People were fairly sure that due to the less than amicable departure of Keiji Inafune, who helped create the character and series, that Capcom was quite happy to simply sit on the IP and do absolutely nothing with it. Aside from the aforementioned underwhelming game and the occasional jab (lighthearted or otherwise is generally up to interpretation) people had gotten used to the fact that they may never see any new, compelling Mega Man based work for a good long time, if not ever again period.

Then this showed up:

Well now, holy shit.

To say that I was surprised by the fact that this existed as an official game would be an understatement. The revelation that it's coming out less than a week from the date I post this, and that it's also free might be why my brains are dripping out of ears just a tad.

It's worth noting that according to this posting from Capcom that this originally started off as a fan project. It's interesting that Capcom did sign off on this, but I'm wondering if this is as much of a lazy out as it might be a gesture of goodwill towards the community. Certainly the more retro styling of the game is meant to appeal and continue the tradition of the last two published titles of the original series, which were a throwback to the NES days.

Since it's free there's really nothing to lose from trying this game out. I guess if nothing else then if you want to look on the optimistic side this is Capcom trying to get some of the goodwill back from its jilted fans, and depending on how the overall reaction to this goes, then maybe from here there will finally be more decent Mega Man titles. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

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  1. Free, you say? Well played, Capcom. Well played...

    I guess it'd be in my best interests to download this. Even if I'm never going to beat it (I have the reaction time of a drugged sloth), I'd like to think that if Capcom sees the download count tick upward, they'll put out a new game.

    One can hope, right? Maybe a little Mega Man X action? I mean they pretty much forgot that X8 -- as I understand it -- ended on a cliffhanger...


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