Monday, 4 February 2013

The Crux of the Next Generation is Upon Us ... Should We Care?

I can see the future ... meh.

February 20th. That is a day that Sony would like you to remember. Certainly the hype machine is spinning over the short, cryptic video that announced said day as the one where we would "See the Future". What's going to be announced? Smart money is the PS4, although who knows, perhaps we'll all be in for a shock.

I'm not writing this to speculate on that though. I'm writing this as part confession, part condemnation. As I tweeted on the day of the video coming out: "strange that either way I can't bring myself to give a shit." Perhaps it's that I've finally become jaded enough that you could sell me at quite a profit to a jeweller, but give the way the last generation went, I'm hardly looking forward to this one.

Sure, I might pick a console up, but when I gauge this potential generation against the last, my reaction is almost nonexistent. We're getting to the point where graphics are probably not going to get much better, and there were so few things that interested my in the last generation that it was kind of shocking. Add to that the fact that almost anything you can get on a console eventually gets ported to the PC and you have a recipe for my apathy.

I know that the Wii-U is already out, but it's really not my cup of tea. We haven't heard hide nor hair of a next generation Microsoft system, but I'm sure if Sony does announce the PS4 that they won't be far behind. Still, what's going to happen?

There are so many things that can go wrong, that have gone wrong. I'm actually trying to have some degree of faith that Sony has learned from its last utterly disastrous console launch, but things like price point, availability, launch line up, developer support, interface, and so many other little factors come into play. Hell, if Sony actually gets the anti-used game technology and puts it in the PS4, then I'll never be picking one up, period.

I don't honestly know how I came to these conclusions, but am I really so alone in thinking this way? Somehow I doubt it. I've grown sick of the graphics races, the pointless budget bloating blockbusters, endless fanboyism coming from every direction. I never thought I'd say this, but I think that depending on how things unravel in the next few weeks that I could even be done with consoles in general.

And truth be told, I can't say that the notion bothers me one iota.


  1. I would say the PS3 and 360 generation was pretty good. Gave us some of the greatest fighting games since the SNES and Genesis era with SF4, P4A, VF5/VF5FS(the best of the 4 listed) and DOA5. You can throw in a Tekken if you want, but i'm not. The biggest gem for me this last gen that didn't have a PC port was Catherine. Very fun game and I recently just beat it and felt like I really put it a lot of work to do it.

    I'll more then likely get a WiiU once the new Zelda hits. Nintendo has been getting me with that since the GameCube and I see no reason to stop that now.

    As far as PS4 or Xbox720 goes. I'll more then likely pick whichever one has the better DOA online community. Since I am pretty sure from here on out DOA will no longer be console exclusive.

  2. Oh lord...the PS4 is really on its way now, isn't it? I mean, I know it's inevitable (and the same goes for the Xbox 720 or whatever it'll be called), but as I've said before with absolute and unflinching sincerity, "The next console generation scares me shitless."

    I mean, really. Destructoid had an article up today about how Capcom declared that Resident Evil 6 didn't meet sales expectations...with said sales expectations being lowered to 5 million units sold, IIRC. I don't think anything else can be said about the baffling transformation of the industry that hasn't been said already.

    Now, there is always a chance that this generation will offer plenty of lessons for the future, or that the next consoles will offer us experiences that will blow our minds all over again (just like a hefty sum of games this generation, without a doubt). But you're right -- this can go wrong in so many ways that mutterings about the industry facing a crash and collapse might come to pass...and maybe soon.


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