Thursday, 7 March 2013

Is Another Deus Ex Game in the Works?

If there is indeed a god in the machine, then hopefully it will hear this prayer for a continuation of the series.

Although the recent trademarking of the title Deus Ex: Human Defiance turned out to be for the proposed movie rather than a new game in the series, there may still be hope for another Deus Ex game on the horizon yet. More domains have been registered for deusexthefall web address. Whether or not this is also linked to the movie is unknown, but  I'm hopeful that these registrations mean that another game is in the works.

Even though I only picked us Deus Ex: Human Revolution last year I was incredibly impressed with how enjoyable the game was. I found that the plot and characterization of Adam Jensen went a long way towards making an actual interesting protagonist, rather than just some guy that you happened to be controlling who didn't have anything beyond the barest whisps of personality.

I'll admit that depending on what ending to DE:HR is considered canon that it could be difficult to continue or make a sequel set between it and the first Deus Ex. Still, even if a new protagonist were to take the helm, I think that an intermediary game that showed how events played out from the start of the D Project to the beginning of the original game could show off a lot of the in universe elements that fans still wonder about: namely more about M12 and Bob Page.

Regardless of the choice made at the end of DE:HR the world we left was also one at a tipping point. A game taking place afterwards could find the player thrust into the middle of a corporate or even civil war: the augmented vs. the unaugmented, information control vs. freedom of knowledge. All of these choices lend themselves very well to a fascinating and engrossing line of thought that could run very well through the universe and provide the reasoning why someone needs deeds -- dirty or otherwise -- done.

Add to that the fact that there could be an ever wider range of enhancements for the player to use, and a more diverse cast of enemies to fight. Although please do us a favour this time Eidos and don't outsource the boss fights. I didn't mind them so much, but I can see where a lot of people came from when they professed dislike for them.

Anyways, I just hope that we do see a follow up. Also, because tomorrow will probably be a somewhat silly post if I'm covering what I think I'm going to, I thought that it would also be appropriate to end with this, just to set the mood. I'll be looking forward to doing this in a new game as well ... without saving of course.

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