Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Crytek USA Looking to Grab Darksiders

 New chances with old blood?

The auction for the remaining assets of THQ still doesn't have a set date yet, but that's not keeping people from speculating on where the Darksiders franchise, perhaps the most notable of the assets still left, may end up. Those who have been following along might be aware that Platinum wanted to acquire the franchise, if the price was right. Whether or not they'd be a good choice is something that's up for debate. Now though, yet another company is expressing interest in the disenfranchised series: Crytek USA.

Crytek is, of course, the company best known for the Crysis series, as well as the original Far Cry. It should also be noted that they are one of the companies that did previously acquire some of THQ's former assets, nabbing the Homefront series since they had already been in league with the company working on a sequel.

Although the sudden interest in the series may seem a bit strange, there's actually a fairly good reason behind the change in attitude, or perhaps instead of reason I should say person: David Adams. Adams was recently hired by Crytek as the CEO of the American branch of the company. If the name sounds vaguely familiar to fans of Vigil's work, it's because he was one of the co-founders of said studio.

It is true that Crytek hired a fair number of Vigil's staff, Adams included, about two months ago. At the time though they seemed fairly clear on the fact that despite a lot of the old studio was encompassed in the recent hires that they wouldn't be working on any Darksiders titles.

That all might change, because a couple of days ago Adams tweeted the following:

"Going to bid on Darksiders IP. Put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise, and I think it belongs at home with its creators."

Nothing is a sure thing of course, and whether or not Adams and Crytek USA will be outbid by a competitor with more interest and deeper pockets remains to be seen. However, fans of the franchise could consider this a ray of hope that the series could wind up back in the hands of those who built it, and will remain true to the plans that they had for it.

At this point it remains hard to say just who may ultimately have an interest in Darksiders, and where it might end up going. Despite fairly favourable reviews both games in the franchise never really took off in terms of sales, and many thought that THQ throwing so much behind it and Prototype 2 may have played a part, albeit a small one, in the ultimate demise of the company.

Still, the game has its fans, and perhaps under a new studio, but still with the old blood running through it, it may get a chance to shine. Nothing is certain at this point except that I'll be keeping an eye out for any incoming news.

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