Thursday, 23 May 2013

Microsoft - "If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards."

The good times just keep on rolling.

I'm not one to believe in conspiracies, really I'm not. Still, in spite of saying that I can't help but wonder if behind closed doors, once every age when the moon turns blood red and even the creatures that stalk the night dare not tread the open fields, if the heads of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft get together and decide the order in which every company will have an unbelievably, mind-bogglingly shitty reveal.

Nintendo has arguably had the "best" luck, since people didn't come down extremely hard on the Gamecube or WiiU, but they're still subject to some ridicule. Sony had the unmitigated disaster that was the meme spewing reveal of the Playstation 3, and now it seems that it's Microsoft's turn.

It seems that the reveal of the Xbox One yesterday was not well received by a lot of people, mostly due to the fact that for a game system, well, maybe it's better to show than tell:

Yeah, the decided lack of games and the idea that we have to "wait until E3" didn't sit well with a lot of folks out there. The Xbox One has also gotten a lot of flak for the fact that at this point, as I mentioned at the tail end of the previous article, that it may be preventing used games sales, may need to be online once every 24 hours in order to function at all, and....

And then there's this:

"If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards."

That delightful phrase comes courtesy of Don Mattrick, who is the president of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. He basically wrote off concerns about the lack of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One (as an aside I know that the PS4 does not have backward compatibility, but Sony has stated that they are working on a way to at least get PS3 games working on the system) saying that it wasn't necessary. He brings the figure to the table that "only 5 per cent of players play previous-generation games on new hardware."

You know, I can understand why a console may not be backwards compatible, but for the love of god do you have to be so damned flippant about saying so? The fact that there's no plans for any sort of backwards compatibility -- including any for digital libraries, which shouldn't be difficult to implement -- is one thing, but saying "Oh, we're not doing it because people don't want it and don't care" is just complete and utter bullshit. Why would you even have to answer the question about backwards compatibility if people didn't care?

You know what Microsoft? Congratulations, if you planned to be the biggest fuck-ups of this generation of the console wars, you seem to be off to a really great start. Even though I own a Playstation 3, even though I got one at launch, I had no sympathy for Sony, because they were that stupid. And yet, somehow, you've managed to top even that.

Good job, I guess.

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