Monday, 6 May 2013

New Zone of the Enders Game On Hold

 Why you do this Kojima?

Holy Hell this is a depressing way to start the week.

If you've played either of the Zone of the Enders games then you know they're rather unique mech titles. Woefully short to be sure, but quite engaging and with awesome designs and very satisfying combat. Well, if you've been keeping track, then you'd also know that Konami was looking to create more Zone of the Enders games, with a somewhat fresh take. You remember things like a freaky, more organic looking Jehuty?

Well, unfortunately, images like that might be the last that you see of the next ZOE game for quite some time, because Kojima has decided to "re-evaluate the franchise" in light of the complaints about the HD Collection.

Well, shit.

The news isn't entirely bad I suppose. The reason that the team has stopped working on the next ZOE is because they're going to be doing a massive patch that will bring the HD Collection up to snuff. For some reason the patch is for the PS3 version only, but hopefully it will be coming to the Xbox 360 as well, because it would be pretty bad to leave all those people completely up the creek.

As part of this though, as the Siliconera article notes:

"The entire team behind the project has been dismantled, as Kojima would like to re-evaluate the franchise before moving forward, he says. Furthermore, he also wants to re-evaluate fans by asking once more, whether they would still like to see a Zone of the Enders sequel."

Jesus, Hideo. Do you need every fan to scream it from the bloody rooftops? The answer is YES. FUCK YES. A MILLION TIMES YES.  We want a sequel for Zone of the Enders. Holy crap this shouldn't even be a topic up for debate! Why is it something that needs re-evaluation?

If, or rather when, this question comes up I hope that the public is motivated enough to speak up and say the obvious. This news is pretty much evoking the same reaction from everyone I've seen commenting on it on various sites, that reaction being "dear god no. why?!"

The part of me that's crazy optimistic wonders if Kojima might end up outsourcing like he did with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Fuck, I'd love to see what Platinum could do with this franchise. But more than anything else I want to play another damn ZOE game, and I know I'm not the only one.

I'll have more on this as more becomes available, and I'm really hoping for good news.

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