Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Some Thoughts on the Whole Situation Involving Denis Dyack

A silicone knight in shining armor? I'm not so sure.

This is one that's going to take some explaining, but given that it interested me and that a friend also asked if I was going to cover it, talking about the current state of affairs wit Denis Dyack seemed like something to do. First and foremost, let's start at the present, with one thing in particular:

This video.

Now, you don't really have to watch it all to get the gist of it, although if you want to I certainly wouldn't tell you not to. What's important here though, almost as important as what's being talked about, is the person doing the talking: Denis Dyack.

Dyack may be a familiar name to those that have ever played the Legacy of Kain series, or more recently the games by Silicon Knights which included Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Eternal Darkness, but also Too Human, and X-Men Destiny. You might recognized the the first two games on that list were quite well received, the latter two, not so much really.

In fact, X-Men Destiny was such a failure that some felt compelled to dig a little deeper regarding it. What they found wasn't exactly comforting or reassuring; anonymous sources within Silicone Knights saying that Dyack was hopelessly disconnected and that the company "is "completely uninterested" in making quality games any more."

I believe that at this point it's important for me to give some disclosure. All of Kotaku's sources regarding this article remain anonymous. The article itself, while damning, has no absolutely irrefutable evidence that this is what happened with Silicone Knights or Dyack himself. It's also worth noting that I, at times, have found Kotaku to be a less than credible source regarding such things. So basically, the story, although interesting and if true quite damning, needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Of course, at this point it impels the question: why would I present it to you while feeling like I do? Well, it's mostly because the reason that Dyack made a video months after the article went online was because now that Dyack is working with Precursor games (which he moved to after Silicone Knights lost a lawsuit they had brought against Epic and were made to pay out millions of dollars) is trying to use crowd-funding for the creation of Shadow of the Eternals, a sequel to Eternal Darkness.

Dyack made that video because I think that he may be keenly aware that his attachment to this project may hurt it more than help it. However, rather than assuage concerns I believe that at this point the video may only be serving to remind people of Dyack's past, and that regardless of whether or not the numerous things written are true, they will have an affect on people that may be looking to back the project.

I can't help but feel that Chris Carter says it best here:

My take on the whole situation is this. Whoever is in the "right" in this particular instance is irrelevant and may never come to light. Dyack has had a troubled past regardless of what was published in this article, and attaching him to the project guaranteed that you would have to deal with that baggage. The choice was made by Precursor Games the moment Dyack was attached, and that somewhat sealed their fate -- now they have to deal with that.

Precursor had to know it was taking a risk bringing Dyack aboard, even if Eternal Darkness is kind of his baby. Now, whether they might have been doomed from the outset by setting goals too ambitious is hard to tell, the Kickstarter(s I guess?) are still running, and twenty days can change a lot. Still, I think that even people that have been longing for a sequel to the game need to show a lot of wariness towards this. If even a small amount of what's been talked about is true, then those that learned nothing from the past may indeed be doomed to repeat it.

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