Monday, 10 June 2013

Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter Goes Dark

That Darkness? Yeah ... Not So Eternal.

It wasn't even two weeks ago when I talked about how the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter may have been suffering due to the fact that Denis Dyack was heavily marketed as being involved. Now, whether some of what his alleged problems are described to be are true is neither here nor there. However, it did seem that Dyack's presence may have hurt it more than it helped. Still, there may have been other factors involved, such as the fact that they were asking for over one million dollars.

Either way though, no matter what problems were involved, it would seem that Precursor didn't think that keeping the Kickstarter going was going to be the solution to their problem. That's why they shut the whole thing down last Thursday, June the 6th. Both the Kickstarter and the simultaneously running funding campaign on their website were closed down on that date, and the money that was being held or had already been received in some cases was refunded.

This isn't the first high profile failure of a gaming Kickstarter, and lord knows it sure as hell won't be the last one either. Still, I think that the fact that it didn't fail and was rather just shut down - and with plenty of time to go, too - shows a deal of defeatism on the part of Precursor. Perhaps not misplaced defeatism, but defeatism nonetheless.

I don't think that the amount they asked for really had much to do with it. Some Kickstarters have asked for more, namely one coming to mind is Camelot Unchained, which asked for two million and did get it, if only just. Still, most of Kickstarters, including the ones that have made millions of dollars, have usually never asked for that much. They do put in stretch goals once their original funding goal is reached, but more often then not they just toss a number out there that, while large, generally isn't completely unreasonable.

The Kickstarter wasn't shut down without explanation, of course. What came down the pipe was alluded to the the article I linked above, but it merits relating here as well:

"Since we announced this Kickstarter campaign we have seen more support from our community than we had ever hoped for," he wrote. "Along with this support has come a host of a new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than we envisioned. As a result, we have chosen to temporarily take down the Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and our own website on Thursday, June 6."

You'll note that they're saying they've gotten a "host" of new opportunities. I can't really say that I'm buying that any. The Kickstarter for the game had a great deal of planning put into it, so I fail to see how they could get more into it than they already showed. I could very well be wrong, but it really does seem like a poor excuse as to why they're backing off.

In the end it's up in the air as to whether the world will see a sequel to Eternal Darkness. The sad thing at this point might be that people are asking if we even want to see one anymore, given what we've come to be aware of regarding the situation.

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