Thursday, 20 June 2013

Xbox 180

And now people are waiting for the $100 price drop.

I am not happy.

As I write this, knowing that it won't be out until tomorrow, well after all the reactions have taken root and still knowing that there are plenty more to come, I am pleased. I am pleased that Microsoft announced that they were removing the DRM, region locking, and always online requirements of the Xbox One. However, being pleased is a very different thing from being happy.

When the news came down the reactions were to be expected, some were pleased, some were angry, others mournful. My reaction. What a fantastic question. My reaction, if I had to put one single word to it, was resignation.

Resignation over the fact that this happened to begin with. Resignation over the fact that Microsoft could have given us the good aspects that we've "now lost" without needing to actually give us the terrible ones, or at least not ones as bad as those were. Resignation over the idea that Microsoft now appears, among other things, as hypocrites, and will still be known as the gaming company that tried to implement these policies but didn't.

One of the first places I posted after the announcement was made was the Tv Tropes forums. I said the following, "This is like a would-be mugger expecting you not to be mad when he stops mugging you at the last second because he realizes it makes him look bad if he gets caught"

Was my metaphor a little extreme? Certainly. I still mean every word of it though. One step forward after ten steps back does not earn forgiveness. It doesn't earn trust. What it does earn is a begrudging admission that maybe, maybe, now Microsoft is back on the right track.

Unless of course they decide to change everything back. Say it can't happen? That's what they said about changing it in the first place.

So yeah, I'm not happy. I haven't been happy about the Xbox One since the damn thing was revealed, and I've never planned on even getting one. Hell, I don't even know that I'm getting a PS4 at this rate, despite it still being the console that everyone and their dog loves because they did nothing and got huge amounts of praise for it. And guess why that happened, or right, you don't have to. It was because Microsoft was fucking stupid enough to try and pull this shit to begin with.

What happens now? Well, now I go back to realizing that after all the dust has settled regarding all of this, that guess what? There's still not a lot -- if anything -- that is compelling me to actually own any next gen console to begin with. Maybe when I see something that does, I'll actually get a little bit more hopeful. I'm not holding my breath though.

Really, all I'm left with is that bitter feeling that none of this needed to happen to begin with. That Microsoft honestly thought they could get away with doing what they did, and the knowledge that they may try it again, and succeed next time.

Quick question. Does anyone remember when gaming used to be an enjoyable hobby, rather than a giant shitstorm of garbage and vitriol? No? Yeah, me neither.

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