Tuesday, 9 July 2013

EA Considering Bringing Offline to SimCity

Making the "impossible" possible.

The strange trend of EA not being complete asses may be continuing even now. It's no real secret that the launch of SimCity was an utter disaster for the company, mostly due to the fact that even though it was an online only affair, they themselves were not prepared for the influx of people that came into the game on the day it launched. I feel that I've touched upon that entire thing more than enough, and if you're curious I would recommend searching my past posts for the SimCity label, because I most definitely do NOT feel like recounting everything here for the umpteenth time.

However, even though EA had previously gone on the record as saying that offline was impossible. This, of course, was a complete load of crap, since someone hacked together an offline mode that for the most part played just fine, not to mention that even though an offline mode would lack things like the ability to have other human players visit your city, it was also something that the playerbase actually wanted.

Well, fast-forward to present, a couple of months after the launch, and here we are.

It's nothing guaranteed, but among the features that a survey that was sent out is a "Classic Mode", or, in other words, an offline mode that you don't need to be connected to any servers to actually use. This is something that was offered among many other little packs and updates that could potentially be coming down the pipe.

While it doesn't come anywhere near mitigating the fact that it should have been in the fucking game in the first place, the inclusion of an offline mode may motivate people who passed the first time to actually buy it, which could result in a decent boost in terms of sales. Plus, it would also serve the recent image that EA is trying to present in terms of a company that seems to be taking steps to right its past wrongs.

I guess that a legitimate question to ask is what exactly took them so long to even consider this? I mean, it's not like they claim ignorance to what a problem this was. But I suppose that's a major company for you. I'm not giving them any points yet, of course, because they have to actually implement an offline mode for any of this to have actually mattered. Sadly though, the fact that they acknowledge that it's not "impossible" anymore is enough of a step in the right direction that it merits acknowledgement.

Man, this industry is fucked up.

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