Friday, 23 August 2013

Press Select - Bringing Game Criticism to the Masses


This is something that I'm very excited about, and perhaps, just perhaps, even going to have a shot at contributing to at some point in the future as well. Although academia has had plenty to say about gaming, it's rarely been said with the words of gamers, well, that's about to change. Press Select, a digital publishing company, hopes to bring in-depth writing on a wide variety of games to the forefront.

Started by Brendan Keogh and Daniel Golding, Press Select has a simple aim:

"What we've been aiming to do is to pair great writers with their favorite games — the game they have always wanted to write about, that they have maybe written about in a blog post or article here and there," Golding said. "We really want to flesh that out."

I am so pleased that this and other publishers are finally setting in to fill what I have seen as a gap in the talk about gaming. Keep in mind that this isn't a strict, stuffy academic writing, this is just a more in-depth, personal analysis of games made by the people who have played and enjoyed them the most. I think that seeing what people's interpretations of games, both popular and obscure, old and new, loved and reviled, could bring a lot of much needed energy to the conversation, and allow for more frank and open discussions as well.

"I think there's a real passion for thinking about games, and hopefully the idea is we can provide another format or a deeper format for that.

"It's about taking this reflective, critical dialogue that people have been having online over the past four years, polishing it and going as deep as possible. I can't imagine in any way that longer, deeper, better-written, more polished writing about games could not augment games culture and game development."

Even if I don't or can't get involved, I cannot wait to see where this potentially goes. Although of course, if I can get involved (and bear in mind that they will eventually be taking submissions once they get through their initial run), then I feel that not just me, but so many people that I know even in my small online circle could make great contributions to this.

I honestly wish them the best of luck, and a bright future.

It is on that high note though, that I should also mention that I'm probably going on another small hiatus next week. I suppose that I should say what's been keeping me busy as of late, so to come completely clean, it's because I've bought a new house, so I've been in the process of buying everything and getting things ready. Because of that I can't devote quite as much time to the blog as I used to, but I'm hoping that once I get settled down again that I can get back into the swing of things.

I would like to thank those that follow me for the patience they have displayed thus far, and hope that they can keep sticking around, even if it might get a little sparse in the future for a while. I'll keep on keeping on though, regardless of what happens. So I'll be back, sooner than later if I can at all help it!

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